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Standard Poodles Puppies for sale. A and M Poodles is a premium h
ome breeder of Standard Poodles. Located in Fargo, North Dakota. Producing Upland and Waterfowl Bird Hunting Poodles! All OFA screenings, health, and genetic testing done before we breed. Family pets, upland/ waterfowl hunters, performance and service dogs. We are commited to the research, development and improvement of the Standard Poodle. We pride ourselves in raising healthy, even-tempered, well adjusted lifelong family companions.

Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a Standard Poodle and that's a start!!

We are a small breeder, focusing on quality, not quantity. All of our puppies are family raised, inside with us. We strive to produce, healthy, well-balanced puppies, that grow to be great dogs.

Here at A and M Poodles, all our puppies are high achievers. All our puppies are loved and socialized from the minute they are born.

I have been breeding and training dogs for over 17 years. I started my journey when I was 12 years old and got my first dog from the local humane society, he was a pomeranian mix. I taught him every trick I could possibly think of to teach a dog. I raised German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers for almost 10 years and then I met a Standard Poodle and fell in love with the breed. I started researching the Standard Poodle.


Everything about the Standard Poodle impressed me. Standard Poodles are quick to learn and there eagerness to please make them a joy to train and be around. I have fallen in love with the breed. The Standard Poodle is an excellent hunting dog, great competition dog and just overall superb family dog.



We are a Family, Not a Kennel


There is no better friend!

Standard Poodles are truely a versatile breed!

Like me, everyone has heard of how smart they are. I can't even describe how much this statement is true, beyond belief. Once you own a Standard, you truely will never own another breed again.


Look around the site, if you have any questions or wish to come and visit us,
please call (218) 368-1185

We would love to talk with you!!!


Hope to see you soon!